March 31, 2019

I decided to try out blogging again. This time I’ll try not to spend too much time researching static site generators and reorganizing files. At least not after the initial setup.

I’m going to try Hugo instead of Jekyll, which I used on the old blog. The reason is that Hugo is the new hotness. I could say that it’s because it supports org-mode natively, but I’m actually going with ox-hugo (exporting to Markdown) because it’s apparently more powerful.

The getting started guide on Hugo’s page is simple enough. Unfortunately the theme it recommends seems to strip out all markup, which led me to some confusion: I thought something was wrong with my system, but it’s the theme that’s wrong. I know this because I tried Minimal (which turns out not to be that minimal) and the markup was all there.

I guess I’ll eventually have to write my own theme (or more realistically, tweak a nice-looking, functioning theme). This initial experience suggests that it’ll be a bumpy road.